Ambitious Product Owner needed!
  • Work for a fast-growing American company
  • Remote- work where you want
  • Real impact on the product 
  • For candidates Product or Marketing experience

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Compensation Package

Total compensation up to $50,000/year

Here’s the breakdown of the whole package:

  • Base Salary: $38,000/year
  • Signing Bonus (Options Only): $2,500
  • Quarterly Bonus: $2,000
  • Annual Bonus: $4,000

At least 50% of the bonuses must be taken in options

If you’re an ambitious product owner, you’re naturally very detail oriented and can manage multiple projects at once, read on…

We’re looking for a Product Owner to join our fast-growing startup.

We have a 9-figure evaluation, we are backed by the parent company of and

We’re an HR tech company disrupting the staffing industry and empowering 150,000 users in the USA with opportunities to work when they want.

  • Our team is over 50 people, our product / tech and marketing teams are based in Europe
  • A lot of our team members love to travel and work remotely

More about our company:

What's in it for you?

  • Make an impact and build exciting, complex features– You will be impacting the product decisions and affecting how tens of thousands of every-day users use our app! You’ll see how metrics chance day-to-day because of you! You’ll be improving sophisticated systems and adding new ones to further optimize the KPIs. 
  • Speed – you’ll be able to build things fast without stupid procedures, pointless meetings or bureaucracy. We move fast and expect you to operate fast. 
  • Growth – an opportunity for significant professional growth. We give a-players plenty of opportunity for development.
  • Equity – stock options additionally to base salary– every employee of Upshift is a stakeholder!
  • Work with great product/ marketing / data / tech minds – Join our nimble team with a growth mindset and work with other A-players

What we're hiring for

  • We need an ambitious product owner, who’s detail oriented, can manage multiple project at once and has very strong critical thinking skills 
  • The main challenge for this role is figuring out all the edge cases. Our product is fairly complicated and has multiple mechanics working at the same time. Each feature has to be planned carefully to work well with all the other logics and flows. 
  • Secondly, we need you to be able to think and feel from the perspective of the user. The tech team will rely on your ability to see things from the user perspective and make proper day-to-day decisions. 
  • Finally, for you to be a great fit, you’ll have to enjoy the day-to-day operations of the product team. You’ll be answering a lot of day-to-day questions, managing multiple projects. This position is not for someone that gets overwhelmed easily and can only work on one thing at once. 
  • We believe that aptitude is more important here than hard product skills – that’s why long product experience is not a hard requirement. If you have experience from adjacent fields (e.g. conversion-focused marketing, B2C product marketing, etc), we’d love to consider your application too!

What will you be doing?

  1. Create features and define edge cases
  • you’ll be given a high-level vision/idea and you’ll have to figure out how the feature is going to work along multiple other features
  • You’ll have to spend time thinking through and defining edge cases, how to roll out the feature and how it will affect other user flows 

2. Create user stories and product pages for the dev team

  • You’ll also be helping the tech team/ answering their questions to define the tech aspects of the feature and finding the best solution that satisfies the tech requirements 

3. Be the voice of customer

  • You’ll be the one who answers “what does the user need”. Whenever there’s a decision to make on what would be best for the user, we’re going to rely on your understanding/feeling/intuition of the user. You’ll be provided with extensive onboarding and have plenty of opportunity to interact with our users. 

4. Manage backlog

  • Make sure the backlog is transparent, visible, and understood by all stakeholders.

5. Manage production 

  • Construct and prioritize production processes 
  • You’ll facilitate all agile scrum meetings 
  • You’ll be consistently joining technology teams on backlog grooming activities and expected to participate in technical discussions confidently.

6. Communicate with users to collect qualitative feedback

7. [nice-to-have] Work with data to make day to day decisions

  • Ask for dashboards and formulate which metrics you’d want to measure
  • Analyze data and make decisions

8. [nice-to-have] Conduct and analyze a/b tests in the app 

Which boxes you need to check?


  • Very strong critical thinking / first-principle thinking
  • You’re naturally detail-oriented 
  • You’re a strong operator of multiple projects simultaneously  and you enjoy/don’t mind working with deadlines
  • Team player – excellent communication skills 
  • You can see things from the user perspective
  • You feel comfortable in complex tech environments. We don’t require you to be a technical expert / developer but you need to understand how things work on a technical level
  • You work well in remote-first environment with a tremendous amount of asynchronous communication


  • Excellent written and oral English skills 


  • You can write microcopy
  • You have worked with UX designers in the past and have a good UX intuition 
  • Data-analysis skills

What's the work environment like at Upshift?

  • We move fast. There are no stupid procedures or long chains of command. 
  • We operate with meritocracy and ownership values and you will be rewarded based on your accomplishments.
  • Our team works remotely and we believe in the freedom to work where you want.

More about our company:

Interview process?

  • We’ll start with the initial 30 min interview conducted by our marketing/product director
  • Then we’ll ask you to prepare a task to check your way of thinking 
  • Then we’ll have the final interview with our President

Practical information

  • 📌  You can work from wherever you want and whenever you want, as long as you overlap with EST and CEST timezones. Our business and part of the product team is based in the US, and our marketing, tech and the rest of the product team are in Central and Southeastern Europe.

    ✈️ We have regular company retreats
    💸 Salary: $52.2-$60k /y base salary 

    📈 You’ll also get equity in the form of stock options. Unlike most other startups, over 80% of our company is employee-owned! 

We're Upshift – a revolutionary labor marketplace connecting people looking for work with businesses in need of extra staff through our app.

While the world is witnessing a big shift in how people work, Upshift is setting the standard for what the future of flexible work is going to look like. Right now, Upshifters work for hundreds of businesses in the US that you might recognize with more joining as our partners every day.

Our values


Our organization is based on meritocracy. Being able to perform is something that we’re all focused on. Everybody does their share, and we all get better together. We are held accountable and rewarded for what we do, not for how others feel about us in the moment.

We are striving to empower everybody in our organization to continue to use their talents, to put their effort in, and to be as entrepreneurial as humanly possible.

To put it simply, our company rewards people for the results they produce, not how someone feels about them at any given moment.  This meritocracy empowers everyone at Upshift to unleash their inner entrepreneur knowing that accountability and rewards are earned at every level.  We don’t play office politics and we don’t believe in rigid hierarchies.  If you do well you are going to be recognized for it!

Ownership Mentality

The sense of ownership is one of the most powerful weapons a team or organization can have. We believe in taking ownership and responsibility over making things better and we feel empowered to make these changes. We expect our team to operate like owners, but we also treat them as owners – every employee gets equity in the business.

Being Humble and Hungry
We want people who are confident in their abilities, but are also willing to listen and adjust to achieve a collective win. Striving for greatness requires drive and passion, and the realization that you don’t know everything.  
Bias To Action

As a company, our “bias to action” value drives proactive, result-oriented innovation. We prioritize taking initiative, making informed decisions, and executing plans swiftly. This culture of action empowers our teams to tackle challenges and seize opportunities with confidence, emphasizing continuous improvement and collective impact.

Who we aspire to be?

We believe the old school model of work will cease to exist. 

While the world is witnessing a big shift in how people work, Upshift is setting the standard for what the future of flexible work is going to look like. Right now, Upshifters work for hundreds of businesses in the US that you might recognize with more joining as clients every day.

Because of our dynamic expansion, we’re looking for posivite and and empathetic to help us revolutionize the future of flexible work.

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Customer Success

Customer Success



Customer Support Representative

Customer Support Representative



Upshift is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, protected veteran or disabled status, or genetic information. This role is not eligible for visa sponsorship.